Vendor agreement

Last updated: April 28, 2020


This is a legal agreement between you(“vendor) and Joseph Scott Harrison. You agree to have your assets hosted on Joseph Harrison’s online marketplace called Solar2d Marketplace.


"Assets" shall mean:

* (i) software designed in order to facilitate the development of electronic applications, including games; or

* (ii) content (for example – without limitation – computer graphics, including 3D computer graphics, sounds and music), tutorials and other digital materials created in order to become integrated parts of electronic applications, games and interactive media in accordance with Joseph Harrison’s Submission Guidelines

"Customer" means any person, company or other legal entity that will acquire licenses to Assets via the Marketplace.

“Vendor(s)” means any person, company or other legal entity who has accepted this Agreement and who is registered and approved by Corona Labs to distribute Assets in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


By checking the box indicating Vendor’s acceptance of this Agreement prior to distributing assets on the Marketplace you agree to the terms the following terms.

You (“vendor”) are responsible providing support to the assets you are providing. Failure to do so will result and assets being suspended or removed from marketplace.

Joseph Harrison has the right to reject or remove and asset from the marketplace website at any time and with or without reason.

Joseph Harrison is not responsible for any lost or stolen information or assets.

Joseph Harrison is not responsible for any legal disputes between vendors and any software used to there assets.

Joseph Harrison is not responsible for any legal disputes between vendors and customers.

Joseph Harrison will not be accountable for use of copyrighted or trademarked material.

If marketplace website goes down for any reason Joseph Harrison is not responsible for any potential sales lose.

Sales and Payments

Vendor keep 85% of all money made of off there assets.

Joseph Harrison get the other 15% for hosting vendors assets and payment processor fees.

Vendors can request payouts once when there payout exceeds 25 USD.

Vendors will see they amount of money they are owed after 20 days.


A refund will not be given a refund unless an asset is not working as adversited

If a customer complains that an Asset is not working as expected the vendor has 14 days to respond and fix the issue. If not the asset may be pulled or removed and customer will refunded.

Changes to Agreement

Joseph Harrison may make changes to this Agreement at any time by posting a revised Agreement on its website, or in the Marketplace, where this occurs Joseph Harrison will attempt to notify you by e-mail using the e-mail details which you have supplied.